Recently, Mr. Rodriguez co-tried a major personal injury matter with Mr. Matthew Cunningham of the Cunningham Law Firm which resulted in a huge victory for the clients. Mr. Cunningham was the lead attorney in the matter and Mr. Rodriguez was brought in to help with the trial.

On September 29, 2008, firm client Miguel Angel Miranda and his wife, Patricia were awarded a total of $1,670,000.00 in compensatory and punitive damages by a Maricopa County jury.

Mr. Miranda was seriously injured after his vehicle was struck by a vehicle being driven by Isaac Villanueva at the intersection of Bell Road and Grand Avenue in Surprise, Arizona. Mr. Villanueva failed to stop for a red traffic signal controlling his direction of travel and collided into Mr. Miranda’ pick up truck. It was estimated that at the time of the motor vehicle accident Isaac Villanueva’s blood alcohol level was .236%. The Miranda(s) called Joe Collier, a toxicologist, who testified that at the time of motor vehicle collision Mr. Villanueva has consumed the equivalent of 14.47 standard size drinks. Mr. Villanueva’s passenger testified that he and Mr. Villanueva had consumed approximately 10-12 Long Island Iced Teas while at Hurricane Bay and they were on their way home from the bar when the collision occurred.