Lawful Permanent Residency Granted after US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Wrongfully Denies Green Card.

(Phoenix, AZ) Our client came to the Rodriguez Law Office PLLC after the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez wrongfully declared him inadmissible and barred him for 10 years from being able to join his family in the United States. Our client came to the United States unlawfully as an infant, lived all his life in the United States, married a United States Citizen, and had two United States Citizen Daughters. One of his toddler daughters suffers from a severe medical illness.
Under current Immigration Law, an immigrant who marries a United States Citizen can adjust their status to lawful permanent residency. However, if the immigrant does not enter the United States lawfully they must return to their home country to adjust their status. Unfortunately, in some cases, by leaving the United States after being unlawfully present for a certain number of days the immigrants departure can trigger a non-waivable three or ten year bar. Our client entered unlawfully prior to 1997, which means he was not subject to the 3 or 10 year inadmissibility bar. Some inadmissibility categories are waivable, if the immigrant can show an extreme hardship to their United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident qualifying relative.
In preparation for his interview with the US Consulate, he travelled to Mexico without his family with hopes to reunite with his family in Arizona shortly thereafter. However, his dreams were quickly shattered when the Officer wrongfully denied his application and deemed him inadmissible. Our client even requested the possibility to apply for an inadmissibility waiver. Again, the Officer wrongfully denied his request.
The Rodriguez Law Office PLLC quickly notified US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez of the mistake of the Officer. Within less than a week turn around, our client was granted permission to apply for the inadmissibility waiver. The Rodriguez Law Office PLLC with our client’s family assistance was able to prepare a waiver that was granted in less than 90 days. Our client was granted his lawful permanent resident status and reunited with his family in less than four months of retaining our office.